ThermiVa for Intimate Makeover, Bladder Leakage

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Do you…

  • Cross your legs when coughing or sneezing?Thermiva, Bladder Leakage, Invontinence
  • Rush to the bathroom to prevent an accident?
  • Avoid jumping jacks or trampolines?
  • Wear a pad when exercising?

You may have Stress Incontinence…..and we can fix that with our ThermiVA Stress Incontinence, Bladder Leakage Treatment. 100% Guaranteed!

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The Problem: Incontinence, Bladder Leakage

60% of women who have had children struggle with symptoms of stress incontinence, bladder leakage by the time they reach their forties. Medications are not effective and surgical interventions are invasive and fraught with complications. Many adjust their lifestyle by simply wearing pads or emptying their bladders frequently.

The Cure

Restore is proud to introduce ThermiVa to Northern Colorado. ThermiVa painlessly stimulates collagen formation and restores tissues that support healthy bladder function. In addition, ThermiVa also provides the following benefits:

  • Improved lubrication
  • Decreased vaginal laxity
  • Improved sensation and sexual pleasure
  • Decreased pelvic pain during intercourse
  • Improved appearance (no more “camel toe”)
Thermiva Benefits
Three ThermiVa treatments are required, spaced four weeks apart. Each 45-minute session is absolutely painless and requires no recovery or downtime.
ThermiVa enjoys a 97% satisfaction rating on from actual patients. Typically, women continue to enjoy the benefits for at least one year post-procedure. Future touch-up treatments may be required. Healthy and hormonally balanced women will maintain their benefits longer.
If you do not experience at least a 50% improvement of your stress incontinence symptoms after the third treatment, you will receive an O-SHOT procedure for free (a $1200 value).

Why can we make this offer? To date we have had a 100% success rate with our O-SHOT procedure alone to improve stress incontinence.

Thermiva for incontinence

ThermiVA Special: $500 OFF Coupon

Download, print and bring with you to your first appointment/consultation.