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A tattoo doesn’t have to be permanent, and tattoo removal doesn’t have to be a lengthy, painful process.

Restore Beauty Face & Body Clinic is the first and only facility to offer PicoWay ® tattoo removal in Northern Colorado. The system is the world’s most advanced solution and a significant leap forward from the old “nano” technology many other facilities use.

PicoWay tattoo removal can achieve excellent results for almost any tattoo color and skin type. The technology also requires far fewer treatments, which means that you can have results sooner and with less discomfort.*

The Technology Behind PicoWay

When you get a tattoo:

  • Ink may be at different levels of tissue below your skin.
  • Certain colors, such as reds and yellows, may be more resistant to removal.
  • Your skin color can affect the ease of removal. Darker skin absorbs more energy, makes removal more difficult, and can increase the risk of injury.

Tattoo removal typically relies on lasers that break up the ink. Over time, your body’s lymphatic system carries the ink away, and the tattoo becomes less apparent. Traditional lasers may not be able to shrink the size of all of these particles so that they can be carried away.

PicoWay Benefits:

  • Faster removal. Its picosecond pulse rate (one-trillionth of a second) breaks ink into much smaller particles. As a result, your body can clear the ink more quickly.
  • More comfortable. Treatment sessions are faster, fewer, and more tolerable. Most people have only five-to-seven treatments versus the 12-15 treatments of a traditional laser.
  • Works for more people. The FDA has cleared the PicoWay laser for a wide range of tattoos and for a wider variety of skin types.

Learn how the PicoWay Laser tattoo removal works….

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What to Expect with PicoWay Tattoo Removal

When you visit Restore Beauty for your initial consultation, your treatment provider conducts a brief examination of the tattoo you want removed as well as a skin assessment. He or she discusses the goals you want to achieve and answers any questions you have about our care, approach, and technology.

During the process:

  • We apply a topical numbing agent and chill the skin to reduce sensation.
  • Your treatment provider moves the PicoWay handpiece over the tattoo.
  • Extremely short pulses of light break up unwanted pigment.

Generally, clients say that PicoWay causes only minimal discomfort, and because it is more efficient than some other technologies, treatment can be over sooner.

After PicoWay

Following a treatment session, Restore Beauty advises clients to apply cold compresses to the area and, in some cases, to use a topical ointment to aid healing and comfort. You may notice redness or discoloration following treatment, and you should avoid irritating the area for several days.

Beyond these recommendations, PicoWay tattoo removal has no downtime. You can have the treatment and then return to normal daily activities. By the end of your sessions, your tattoo should be significantly less noticeable. For most clients, treatment leaves an area that is well cleared of ink and that is, at most, a slightly different color than the surrounding area.*