LOOSE INCHES, FAST! We offer multiple Non-surgical Fat Elimination Technologies – Coolsculpting, Ultrashape Power, Vanquish ME – to contour your body just in time for beach season.Treatments required No Downtime. See results within days! WE GUARANTEE RESULTS!

REMOVE UNWANTED PIGMENT! This is the new Gold Standard for treating skin discolorations. With traditional IPL / Photofacials you look worse right after treatment and it’s not safe for darker skin.  PICO Resolve safely shatters unwanted pigment into tiny particles so the body can break them down. It is safe for all skin types and requires Zero Recovery.

GOOD-BYE DOUBLE CHIN! Kybella is a new fat melter specifically for excess fat under the chin – submental fat. A double chin can lead to an older, heavier appearance. Kybella treatments only take a few minutes, require little to know downtime and, before you know it, you have reclaimed a more youthful look.

LOOK REFRESHED! Aging, stress and gravity take their toll on the delicate skin around your eyes.  Under-eye bags make you appear aged and tired. Turn back the clock with our Venus VIVA Eye Lift treatment.  This nano-technology tightens and lifts the delicate skin around the eyes with little to no downtime.

CURE FOR THINNING HAIR! We offer a pain-free, non-surgical, multi-therapy approach for, both, male and female pattern hair loss that uses NO NEEDLES.  Each of our 4 therapies is proven successful as a stand-alone, but by combining all into one package, we have created the Power House of non-surgical hair rejuvenation treatments.

Schedule a Free consultation  to learn more about all of our face and body treatment and which one will benefit you most. Call us at 888-484-8606 or email Office@RestoreBeauty.net. We offer in-office or Skype consultations.