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Lip Enhancement

Full and sensuous lips have always been a hallmark of youth and beauty, but in recent years, it has become an even more important feature. More and more people desiring fuller lips have chosen lip augmentation to enhance the lips’ natural curvature. Lip enhancement can reduce the prominence of fine lines in the lip area and restore a youthful and supple look to the mouth.

When you plump up your pout, you can subtly change your appearance in a number of beneficial ways. Check out these three reasons fuller lips are all the rage and how you can plump your own pout for a sexier, more approachable smile:

  1. Sex Appeal
    Although a full pout has always been thought of as a sensuous facial feature, thanks to those sexy starlets, fuller lips are associated with greater sex appeal today. Full lips look fabulous in vampy red lipstick or neutral gloss and tend to get noticed by the opposite sex more than any other facial feature.
  2. Youthful Appearance
    Fuller lips are also associated with youth, and can be an effective way to turn back the clock on your appearance. Consider divas like Angelia Jolie, who never seems to age no matter how many candles show up on her birthday cake each year. A full, sexy pout is an important factor in that timeless look.
  3. More Approachable
    While thin lips might make you appear chronically grumpy or worried, a fuller pout creates a more approachable smile. Just like Botox can erase worry lines that may be a turn-off in the welcome department, lip enhancement can create an appearance that is decidedly friendlier.

Getting the Perfect Pout

At Restore Beauty, our lip enhancement procedure is performed using one or more of the following cosmetic injectable fillers: Restylane®, Restylane® Silk, Juvederm®, and Juvederm Volbella®.  These injectable fillers are administered to the lips using a very fine needle or blunt-tip cannula, restoring lost volume and the appearance of vertical lip lines for a more youthful appearance.  After treatment, patients are usually able to return to work and regular activities right away. Duration of results may vary, depending on the specific filler solution used.

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