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IPL and PicoWay – Solution for Brown Spots

Brown Spots, Freckles, Melasma Solutions Spots can be beautiful, on leopards, dalmations or beautiful redheads. But when they appear on your face, hands, arms or back… well not so much. Spots come in many flavors and are called many things – freckles, moles, age [...]


Ultrashape Power

Powerful and Super-fast Fat Elimination with New Ultrashape POWER Introducing Ultrashape POWER, a painless way to dissolve 32% of the unwanted fat on your belly (and arms, love handles and saddlebags for that matter)! This makes it the most effective fat destruction technology currently available. [...]


Sublative Collagen Booster Can Turn Back The Years

Collagen stimulation is the Anti-Aging Secret that can take years off your appearance. With healthy collagen your skin will look more plump and tight, lines and wrinkles are reduced and you will reveal a fresher, more youthful appearance. With our Sublative Collagen Booster we [...]


Super Skin Rejuvenation With Micro-Needling

If your skin needs a boost beyond traditional facials micro-needling may be the answer. This skin rejuvenation procedure actually stimulates collagen production to leave your skin softer and smoother within just a few weeks. Micro-needling uses micro needles to puncture the skin in order to [...]


SkinGym: Combination Treatments For Maximum Results

Maintaining healthy skin is a lifestyle – not a one-time facial and a grocery store cleanser. It takes a healthy diet, a good at-home skincare regimen, and regular, non-invasive treatments that help maintain your skin’s collagen and elastin. Our no-downtime SkinGym – Hydrofacial +Skin Tightening [...]


Getting A Facial Is More Beneficial Than You Think

Relax and unwind with a customized one-hour skin rejuvenation facial treatment using Australia’s and New Zealand’s #1 organic skin care lines. These plant based product lines are pure and natural, free of dyes, chemicals, perfumes and detergents. Feel an immediate difference from this deep cleansing [...]


Advantages & Secrets Of Effective
Laser Hair Removal

Tired of shaving, tweezing and waxing to remove unwanted hair? Consider Laser Hair Removal and take care of that pesky hair for good. But, before you get started you need to understand the secrets to successful hair removal. How does Laser Hair Removal work? Highly [...]


No-Downtime Treatment for Loose, Aging Skin

One of the major causes of Facial Aging is the loss of collagen and elastin in our skin, two important skin proteins that maintain the skin’s thickness and ability to bounce back. If left unattended, the end result is sagging. Eyebrows head South, upper eyelids [...]


PICO Tattoo Removal: Top Cosmetic Procedure

Clients come to Restore Beauty Face & Body clinic for a number of reasons, chief among them being: excessive hair, tattoo removal, sagging, dark spots, broken blood vessels, acne and sun damage. These skin issues can affect anyone, at almost any age. Top Aesthetic Treatments [...]